You will watch scenarios of a drama showing some students who get themselves into a few tight spots. After each scene, you will be asked some questions about each of the characters using the rating scales provided. There are no right or wrong answers, only different perceptions. Answer quickly and instinctively as we are more interested in your impressions more than anything else. Use the example question to get an idea of how the scale works in action. The question itself is based on watching a video where the character Mikey is acting questionably. You may find it hard to choose which of the two phrases best fits your impression of the character, or you may feel that neither description is exactly right. You will get the most out of this experience, however, if you think through each of the items and make a choice.


Questions are related to videos you will be watching

1. If you were in Weston's place, would you have the party?
I definitely would not
I probably would not
I probably would
I definitely would