Bullying is epidemic in urban, suburban, and rural schools. "The statistics are staggering," says Arnie Duncan, the Secretary of Education at President Obama's recent White House Summit on bullying.

Risky Business is an internet site where you can watch and follow a diverse group of teens who with no adults around are hatching 'risky' capers. The video segments and the discussions that follow will help you 'read' your friends better--- who has your best interest, who will hurt you, who is a good leader. You will be able to identify the different roles teens play with their friends. In every group of teens there is an 'Instigator', the boy or girl who pushes the group for good or for bad. There is a 'Dupe,' the boy or girl who is the follower of the group and gives up his or her own autonomy for the protection of the group. There is the 'Enabler', the informal leader of the group. Finally, every group has a 'Hero' who is on the 'hot seat' and has to make a decision about the risky situation.
Most important, you will have the opportunity to learn the three skills of 'empathy' which are Mother Nature's antidote to aggression. It is a scientific fact that you can’t be angry or aggressive towards someone if you feel empathy for them. You will learn how to break down risky capers by learning the 'cues' that signal a problem, 'pull the curtain' on your friends to learn about their underlying intentions and motivations, and how to 'shift' to resolve the risky problem. All of this will help you understand what is really going on below the radar screen with your friends. This is information you may not otherwise have because of the major changes going on during your adolescent years.

The cast and myself, who make up the Risky Business team of detectives, will guide you through the slippery slope of protecting yourself from risk and danger.