In every group, when a risky situation arises and a decision needs to be made, there are always four distinct types of people. These four characters are: the Instigator, the enabler, the dupe and the hero. In order to know which role you play on any given day, you need to first learn about what each person's role contributes to the group and ultimately the situation at hand. You will have a chance to watch weekly webisodes that show each of the characters involved in solving a tough situation within the group. At the end of each webisode you will be asked to rate each character based on what you saw and how you felt. You will also have a chance to learn just how well you deal with risky situations. Then watch as Dr. Dranoff interviews each member of the group to discover what is really going through their minds as the events are unfolding. Finally, you will be able to identify what each HERO needs to do to better protect him or herself from Risky Business.